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The benefits of a canvas or vinyl awnings go far beyond good looks. According to the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers awnings reduce heat gain by 55-65% on southern exposed windows and 72% on western exposed areas. This means possibly reducing your home's energy consumption by 60% during warmer months of each year.1 Let us help you reclaim your deck, patio, or outdoor eating area with an awning or canopy.

Energy Savings from reduced heating inside; Protection from the sun's harmful UV rays; Protection from inclement weather; Cost-effective space addition to your home or business; Easy to maintain

Attractive business advertising.


Awnings are the perfect solution to drawing attention to your business. Imagine your logo, graphic or business name standing out for everyone to notice.


Add critically needed space to your home or business without the need for expensive and messy construction. Canvas awnings can take on a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Awesome Awnings will design a canvas awning that will compliment your building architecture and your company brand.

Love that southern exposure but hate the heat?  Need some protection from rain but your roofline(and wallet!) won’t allow a screened porch?  Try an awning! Take a look at some of our residential projects. We can help you be comfortable in your home.

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