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Canvas Awnings

The benefits of a canvas or vinyl awnings go far beyond good looks. According to the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers awnings reduce heat gain by 55-65% on southern exposed windows and 72% on western exposed areas. This means possibly reducing your home's energy consumption by 60% during warmer months of each year.1 Let us help you reclaim your deck, patio, or outdoor eating area with an awning or canopy.

Canvas Awning Benefits

Energy Savings from reduced heating inside; Protection from the sun's harmful UV rays; Protection from inclement weather; Cost-effective space addition to your home or business; Easy to maintain

Attractive business advertising.


Awnings are the perfect solution to drawing attention to your business. Imagine your logo, graphic or business name standing out for everyone to notice.


Add critically needed space to your home or business without the need for expensive and messy construction. Canvas awnings can take on a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Awesome Awnings will design a canvas awning that will compliment your building architecture and your company brand.

Aluminum Awning Basics

An aluminum awning is generally fixed in one place, though there are some retractable models on the market. It will provide shade and protection to anything underneath it. Metal awnings are available in many different styles and colors. They can be mounted on almost every exterior surface imaginable. Aluminum awnings are affordable and generally take only a few hours to install.

Commercial Awnings

Whether you’re looking for great advertising for your business or providing weather protection for your employees or clients, Awesome Awnings is your best bet. We can cover any storefront, patio and outdoor eating area with style. Add custom graphics to get your business noticed!  Take a look at some of our work.

Residential Awnings

Love that southern exposure but hate the heat?  Need some protection from rain but your roofline(and wallet!) won’t allow a screened porch?  Try an awning! Take a look at some of our residential projects. We can help you be comfortable in your home.

Free Standing Awnings

Got a pool or patio that needs a shady retreat from the sun? Are your employees getting wet while walking to your business' entrance? Think about a free-standing canopy. We can create any shape or size and cover in fabric, vinyl or metal. We take care of the job start to finish. Check out these free-standing canopies for ideas.

Pergola Awnings

A Pergola awning is made up of a pleated fabric roof which extends outwards across a horizontal frame. Either freestanding or mounted to the wall of an existing building, Pergolas are perfect for extending rooms outwards and for creating alfresco dining areas. Pergola awnings can also be automated to extend and retract depending on the weather or time of day.

Entryway Awnings

These are easily the most common type of awning, and they come in a wide variety of styles. There are small, roundish concave awnings that are mostly purely decorative, but do keep a little rain off the heads of those standing at the door.

There are squarish, fixed-frame sloped awnings that give a little more shade and protection. And there are also convex, domed, elongated dome, open wing and a host of other styles used at entrances. Entryways are the best place for commercial awnings to maximize brand awareness and to display stylistic flare.

Pathway Awnings

These are a special class of entryway awnings that are particularly long, traveling along a path or outside stairway. Anytime the building is back significantly from the street, customers will greatly appreciate a covered pathway to the entrance when weather is rainy, hot and sunny, or otherwise adverse.

Window Awnings

Window awnings have two primary purposes. First, they are used to increase curb appeal and bring stylistic unity to a building that already has an entryway awning.

Second, they greatly reduce the amount of sunlight (especially UV light) that enters and heats up your building. The result is that window awnings can significantly reduce your energy bill.

Patio Awnings

In a commercial context, a lateral arm retractable awning leaning over a patio, deck or pavement can create a comfortable outdoor area where guests, most notably at restaurants, can enjoy the pleasantness of the outdoors without getting too much sun and wind. These awnings can be conveniently pulled back in during inclement weather and require very little maintenance.

Standalone Awnings

This type of awning is not connected to the main building and creates “new space” outside. This space can serve a variety of purposes, such as picnic areas, bike rack zones and smoking shelters. Such “additional rooms” can enhance the customer experience and build customer loyalty.

Inside Awnings

In certain instances, commercial awnings are put up inside instead of outside. Prime examples are at stores located inside of malls and shopping centers, and over special areas of a store like an in-restaurant bar, a ticket booth in a movie theater or a gourmet deli in a high-end grocery store.

No matter which type or style of awning you select (or custom create), you should always work with a reputable, well-established awnings provider that caters to all of your needs.

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